Welcome to Artesanal,


Greek - Mediterranean restaurant offering foods and drinks, having authentic, natural qualities that mix fine, fresh ingredients with passion. Food products being made by hand, in small batches, and with particular emphasis on preserving traditional techniques.


For us, it's food made in, or close to, the traditional way with simple, understandable ingredients, from a family recipe or a recipe that has been handed down - food that people will remember and want to share with family or friends, using fresh, "clean," local ingredients and natural flavors. Products that's hand-crafted with attention, patience, expertise and care

Artisan foods are products created with a greater focus on the uniqueness of each ingredient, offering freshness, novelty and a sense of being close to the producer.


We support local farmers and purveyors that only practice proper ethics. Time-honored techniques bring a vibrancy to each dish served. our wine list focuses on the local bio farming, our craft cocktails derived from classics and our beer list focused.


In Artesanal is all about real, unpretentious Greek and Mediterranean cooking, the food prepared with care and sentiment by hosts who genuinely want to put a smile on your face.


It is the effort that the restaurant’s staff and owners put in to care for their customers. It felt more like being welcomed into someone’s home for dinner than eating in a restaurant.

We believe our passion will show through in the experience you share with us every time you let us serve you!

Our aim is to reintroduce an understanding of the importance of pure, freshly baked food, and in doing so try to satisfy our customer for authentic, carefully made products, far removed from the mechanization and mass production of today's food industry.


Thank you all for your preference to our restaurant


We look forward to serving you soon.